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Reviewed By: Jeanette M
Location: , FL

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Comment Reason this review is only 4 stars instead of 5 - Advertising as a Christian belief based company comes with high expectations, chief would be honesty in customer dealings. For most recent service, Lebron C came on 1/8 in response to unit make a horrible grinding noise when we turned the heat on. Had a tech from Northside out on 1/6, only 2 days prior who replaced a leaking evaporator coil & didn't catch the potential of a problem with the compressor, even though I know he checked over the whole unit. (BTW, this was the 2nd or 3rd time the evaporator coil in my Amana A/C had had to be replaced! One tech who came to replace leaking evaporator coil the first time when unit only about 2 yrs old said Amana products have had lots of problems. Northside failed in the respect not notifying customers of numerous problems & cheap workmanship of Amana products. I appreciated that tech's honesty.) Bad news was that the compressor was shot. Here's the good news - whatever Lebron told his bosses or Northside decided, they generously replaced the compressor free of charge. God is good & I thank Northside for doing the right thing.
Overall Rating 4 Stars

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